Last month’s meeting was like no other that I’ve attended – – – I think everyone enjoyed Anne Morrow to the to hilt! She was entertaining, funny, and incredibly generous to all! I know everyone will enjoy the yarn they took home. I’m including her address here so each of you can write her a note of thanks for her willingness to share her ‘left-overs’ with all of us. They were pretty great leftovers in my opinion.

I really do hope all of you know how amazing it was of her to make that offer – – – I had to ask her a couple of times if she really wanted to do that (because I couldn’t believe anyone would be generous) and she told me both times that it was exactly what she wanted to do! That was a great deal of yarn she brought for everyone and it wasn’t given to her – she paid for what you took home. Please do write a little note – she will be thrilled! (Her address is on a page under the ‘Odds & Ends’ section after you log in – we don’t want to share it with the world. Forgot the password? Ask a board member.)

Meeting Anne and getting to know her, as well as all the other talented people I meet, is the best thing about this board position – I love it!

I want to thank all of you that came to meet her and be part of her wonderful presentation.


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michelle_bernstein For those of you that missed last month’s meeting, you may never see another demonstration as clear and complete about the why’s and where-fore’s of blocking. Michele Bernstein shared an amazing demonstration on why it’s so important to block those wonderful knitted things we all create.


photo copyright Michele Bernstein

Her information was delivered in an easily understood way and the demonstration with the little scarf was a perfect example of how blocking forces the stitches to show themselves off to best advantage.

There are some things that may not require a ‘full, hard’ blocking so use steam for those or a quick soak and lay them out to dry, but for the ‘big and important’ items blocking will matter.

I don’t think anyone left the meeting still thinking, “why do I have to go to the trouble of blocking what I make? It won’t matter and no one will know the difference anyway.”

Blocking will make a difference, a big difference! -by Y’vonne