Mer’s Lus pattern was recently published in Pom Pom Quarterly. © Ana Mercedes

At our March meeting, Mer Stevens shared her experiences as a budding knitting pattern designer. Her talk covered many topics, from formulating a business plan, staying true to your own style, and how much a good tech editor can improve your patterns. One of her pithiest pieces of advice to new designers was, “Swatch like a fiend.”

Mer uses Excel to speed the process of creating her patterns–as she said, “Imagine what Elizabeth Zimmerman could have done with Excel!” She also uses Envisio knit charting software but feels it has limitations, so she plans to try the Stitch Mastery program soon.

A few of Mer’s printed patterns were available to purchase at the meeting: Matryoshka mittens, Width socks, and Nibbling child’s sweater (all sold on Ravelry as downloads, as well). I purchased her Good Grades cardigan pattern, which enables the knitter to choose different measurements for the hip and bust, something most sweater patterns do not.


Nibling sweater © Mer Stevens



Matryoshka Mitten © Mer Stevens


Good Grades Cardigan © Mer Stevens


aurora-posterThe 33rd Annual Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase was held this weekend, the 14th and 15th of March in Aurora, Oregon. The Aurora Colony Historical Society and the Aurora Colony Handspinner’s Guild co-sponsor the show which is held at the museum.

The spinners who display and demonstrate their antique wheels all dress in period clothing and every one of them is happy and willing to talk about their wheel and its history. As a wheel ignorant person I will tell you I learned a great deal about spinning wheels in a very short time. It was a really enjoyable experience.

There’s plenty to see besides spinning wheels including a log cabin, a couple alpacas and sheep, and some angora bunnies. Plus there is one room set up for people who want to learn how to spin should you be so inclined. At least one of our own TKG members, Cydne, is shown in one picture spinning on her antique wheel. And I saw Glenna’s name listed for the crafter’s showcase in the catalog.

It only takes about 20-25 minutes to get to Aurora from SW Portland so think about attending the event next year. -by Sue L.

aurora-spinners aurora-cydne