Vivian Aubrey gave a delightful and engaging presentation at our February meeting, teaching us how to take better photographs of our knitting.

An experienced product and portrait photographer, she has a wealth of knowledge about her subject and shared it with us.


Vivian talked us through lighting (outdoors and no flash is desirable), backgrounds (keep them calm and watch out for unexpected things you may not have noticed when you took the photo), composition, getting a natural look of people, using props (mostly none), and more.


Each concept was illustrated with some of her gorgeous photographs.  These photos are from her website and there are lots more there to give you ideas and inspiration.

By Marina Salume

On January 31st, a group of knitters (including three Guild members) went on a tour of Salem organized by The Traveling Ewe. We met the bus in Wilsonville and were driven to the Mission Mill Museum for a guided tour, which was fascinating.

mill front facade

costumed guide


mill bldgs

old loom This mill was owned by the same family from its founding in the mid-1800’s until the 1960’s, and then it was turned into a museum almost immediately, so all the original machinery is still in place. It was especially interesting to see how wool fabric was “fulled” (lightly felted) using water power. The museum complex includes a nice yarn shop, Teaselwick Wools, and we had time to shop there as well as the small bookbinder, gift shop, and art gallery in the same building.

After a quick lunch in Salem at Rafns, we visited the nearby Tangled Purls shop, where we all received a “welcome” gift and a ten percent discount on our purchases over $25. We stopped to pick up an afternoon coffee and slice of delicious cake at Gerry Frank’s Konditorei to take on the bus as we drove to the last yarn stop, a shop called Apples to Oranges in Silverton, where we were greeted with another welcome gift.

It was a fun itinerary and very well organized. I’m already planning which trip I’ll take next–possibly the overnight Seattle tour April 11 and 12. You can find out about upcoming trips on The Traveling Ewe website and their Ravelry group. They’re also taking a bus to Madrona on Friday, Feb. 13 (a one-day trip), so sign up quickly!