For those who attended the dyeing demo program, you saw with your very own eyes how simple it was to dye a skein of yarn with a large glass jar.

But for those who missed the meeting, you can still join in on the conversation. Here’s a YouTube video demo:

By Marina

Have you ever wanted to try yarn dyeing, but didn’t want to invest in a new set of pots and pans for it? At our November meeting, TKG member Jung Kang showed how you can use “food safe” dyes, like Kool Aid and food coloring. These acid dyes produce vibrant, nonfading colors on animal fiber yarns. Jung demonstrated several methods, including hot water immersion dyeing in a glass jar, and painting the yarn with several colors using plastic squirt bottles. She also gave away five “kits” of yarn and dye packets at the end of the meeting.

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