Brooklyn Tweed Visit

 At the January meeting, a drawing was held for places in the group to visit Brooklyn Tweed. On Friday, January 27, the lucky winners met at the Brooklyn Tweed office and warehouse. We were welcomed by Jen, the office manager, and she introduced us to the office staff, many of whom were wearing beautiful sweaters or accessories made from Brooklyn Tweed yarns.

Jared Flood | Brooklyn Tweed photo

Luigi, who is in charge of business development, gave us an overview of the process that the wool goes through from sheep to yarn. Brooklyn Tweed is proud to say that everything is totally “made in the USA”. The sheep are raised on ranches in Wyoming (the woolen spun yarns) and Montana and South Dakota (the worsted spun yarns.) All of the scouring, dyeing, and spinning processes happen in other places in the US. It is a very complex process! After a Q&A time, we were turned loose to roam the warehouse and shop for patterns and yarn.

Jared Flood | Brooklyn Tweed photo

 We all had a great time going through many boxes of yarn and looking at lots of patterns and several books. There were woolen yarns – Loft, Quarry, and Shelter; Arbor, their first worsted DK weight yarn; and Plains, a limited edition worsted lace weight yarn. There was a lot of touching and feeling and oohing and aahing over the yarns and the many colors. After an hour or so most of us had bags with enough yarn and patterns for at least one or two projects.

Jared Flood | Brooklyn Tweed photo

After shopping, we went to a room to check out and Jared Flood was there signing books and patterns and chatting with us. He was very friendly and we all thanked him for inviting us to tour Brooklyn Tweed. I had an opportunity to talk with Luigi about coming to a future Guild meeting to talk with us about the difference between woolen and worsted yarns and the differences in the production process. I was surprised to find out that he doesn’t knit or design, but has had a great deal of experience in production as he grew up in Italy working with his father in the leather business. Hopefully Marina will be able to get a date set for Luigi to come and talk to the Guild. I can assure you it will be a fun evening.

We are hoping for at least one more tour opportunity and if your number is drawn, I hope you are able to go. It was a lot of fun and very interesting!

Many thanks to Jared Flood, Jen, Luigi, and the rest of the staff for a fun, entertaining, and informative day! And…thanks for the yarn and patterns too! I decided on some Arbor yarn for two hats. Now I just have to figure out when I’m going to have time to work on my new projects!