Fall Retreat 2016 with Lucy Neatby

Two Days With Lucy!!!!

I want to thank everyone who spent 2 days with Lucy at our fall retreat. It was an amazing time and much information was shared, practiced, and talked about during the weekend.

Lucy Neatby is one of the most creative and adventurous knitters I know. The samples of her ideas, color-wise as well as functionally-wise, were incredible. The buttonhole was a good one, and I can’t wait to try it again. It will certainly be used in some of my cardigans.


She is not only a marvelous teacher but a top-level designer and Maker of Beautiful Things. Her vests, socks, hats and all the other things covering the table were truly astonishing. The finishing on her garments was breath taking and we were all wondering and asking each other “how did she do that?”

I’m truly grateful to everyone that attended for taking the financial leap (it was one of the more expensive retreats) and being a part of the magical weekend. retreat4

I’ve heard so many comments of amazement, surprise, and enjoyment for the weekend that it makes me feel good to know you all enjoyed yourselves and felt the 2 days with Lucy was worth the cost.

If any of you have an opportunity to spend time with her again, I would advise you to do it. I’m, hopefully, going to be taking more classes from her at Madrona in February, and I can hardly wait. As we all know, she won’t be coming back to the US after June of next year.

Thanks again to all of you that attended the retreat. I’m know the 2017 retreat will just as wonderful because Beth Brown Reinsel will be teaching; do be a part of that one too.

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