Yarn Swap and Silent Auction

Our October meeting was a silent auction, which means people brought yarn, patterns, needles, and related things they wanted to sell or just get out of their stashes. First we set up everything on tables downstairs, with a bid sheet for each item. There was also a free table of patterns and yarn that people brought to give away.

Then the fun began: we prowled around all the tables, writing our names and bids on the sheets next to our favorite items, hoping that nobody else would outbid us. Several items did go for more than the requested minimum amount, but most sold at bargain prices.

Happy 20th Birthday!

Delicious cake! Kay's beautiful bags jk_reya
The Tigard Knitting Guild celebrated our 20th birthday with a party in September. Some of our original members shared memories, a few of our favorite vendors came to show us their newest creations, and of course we didn’t forget the cake and ice cream!