Holiday Party Cancelled – rescheduled for Jan 19th

We had a lot of fun things planned for our meeting tonight (Dec 15th) but due to the weather, we feel it’s best that we cancel our meeting tonight and reschedule our holiday potluck to take place at our January  19 meeting.

Our January meeting will start at 6:30 with our holiday potluck (the doors will still open at 6pm). After eating, we will have our drawing for the Brooklyn Tweed tour which is scheduled for Friday, January 27, at 10:30 am, our drawing for early membership registration, registration for our cast on/bind off mini workshop scheduled for February 4, and a quick announcement time to wrap up 2016. In the interest of time, we are foregoing the gift exchange this year.

After the 2016 wrap up, Delanie will take over the Guild meeting and we will have our scheduled January program, which will include our speaker, Duffy Stephens, and show-and-tell time for our theme of the year projects. After show and tell, we will have a quick break to vote for the People’s Choice Award and a drawing for gift cards for those that participated in the theme of the year.

Fall Retreat 2016 with Lucy Neatby

Two Days With Lucy!!!!

I want to thank everyone who spent 2 days with Lucy at our fall retreat. It was an amazing time and much information was shared, practiced, and talked about during the weekend.

Lucy Neatby is one of the most creative and adventurous knitters I know. The samples of her ideas, color-wise as well as functionally-wise, were incredible. The buttonhole was a good one, and I can’t wait to try it again. It will certainly be used in some of my cardigans.


She is not only a marvelous teacher but a top-level designer and Maker of Beautiful Things. Her vests, socks, hats and all the other things covering the table were truly astonishing. The finishing on her garments was breath taking and we were all wondering and asking each other “how did she do that?”


From Farm to Yarn at PCC Rock Creek Campus

Natural color yarn is a mix of Romney, Dorset, and Rambouillet sheep. Dark gray is a mix of Jacob and Churro. Light gray is all of those mixed together. They are all very soft.
Natural color yarn is a mix of Romney, Dorset, and Rambouillet sheep. Dark gray is a mix of Jacob and Churro. Light gray is all of those mixed together. They are all very soft.

A year ago, I visited Tina Johnston’s shop in Hillsboro, which is called Black Sheep @ Orenco Station, and learned about how she supports the Portland Community College (PCC) Veterinarian Tech program at the Rock Creek campus. These students are trained to work with vets, zoos, and farms to take care of all types of animals. Tina came to our October 2016 meeting to tell us about this wonderful program.

The college maintains a flock of about 25 sheep as well as a few chickens, goats, and a cow. The students sell wool from their annual sheep shearing to raise money, but the price for raw wool is very low. So Tina volunteered to get the wool cleaned and spun into yarn that could be sold for a better price. She sells the yarn at her shop and donates all proceeds to the Vet Tech program.  (more…)

Fun and Prize Ribbons at OFFF 2016

Anna’s colorwork vest
TKG display
TKG display

Many Guild members enjoyed the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival last weekend. The festival offers something for everyone – actually lots of things for everyone!

There were dozens of vendors selling every fiber related item imaginable and especially lots of yarn; animal barns full of sheep, goats, rabbits, lamas, and alpacas; classes galore; a lovely display of items made by our Tigard Knitting Guild members; and a fiber division featuring work from invited artists as well as lots of items entered just for fun. This last group included some items by Guild members and some of those items won prizes.